Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures in Books...

Originally posted on: 20th Sep 2008.

So do you hide your pictures of me?
Press them in quietly hidden books
In old forgotten cartons,
And all the places she never looks?

Do you smile every time they play our song?
Or do you just close your eyes?
Do you think of farmhouses and laughter?
And cold darkening November skies?

Do you ever think of me?
And all the times that we had?
Do memories of me make you laugh?
Or do they only make you sad?

Did you ever read my letter?
The one I wrote right after we fought
I wanted you to know I was sorry
but in my pride I was caught...

Do you wonder if I still love you?
But I don't think that can be
I jus wrote this song coz, darling,
I was going through some old books you see...


  1. Arey, eyes are bleeding...but yeah seriously, good stuff

  2. *sheepish grin*

    Thanks Mr. Loon...

  3. Man. This poem is kickass. Its so very...practical. Practical, but with enough deference to romance. :)