Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I wish to write a story

But the characters have run away

The child has drowned in a pool of guilt

And the men are out to play

The boys, they try. And try again.

But they keep falling

For there is no light to guide the way

And the wicked witch is calling

She dances along the empty streets

Rousing many a sleeper from his bed

And they follow her down the old mountain road

Through the path of the dead

Oh and dead she is, has always been

And soon they will be too

And all the noise you hear at night

Is the waking of her immortal crew…

Wish You Were Here...

Dear Stan,

You are a fool to have left us so
Little Juna still goes to that field everyday
to wait for you
She doesn't believe us when we say you are not coming back
She believes in you
And you left...
Your mother sits on the porch all day
watching the tree you used to climb
Your father has never put down that glass
It is always full
He doesn't drink too much though
But it is his only companion
Whiskey still sits with hopeful eyes at the door
He wags his tail every single time a car drives up
and his ears droop each time he realizes it's not you...

And I?
I'm okay.
Life goes on
or as you would say "The show must go on"...
Well... it has...
except, no one cares anymore
And no one's around to make us laugh at ourselves
And we think about you a lot...

Your friends came by yesterday
It was your birthday
Not that I expect you to remember or care!
You never did when you were here
Well, we all sat together
We talked about days long gone by...
We talked about you
and how it was good that you finally got away from this place that bothered you so
But you left us here darling...

Remember how we used to sit in one circle and sing till dawn?
We did that last night
We missed you so
I would like to say no one cried...
but we did...
I did...
I'm sorry darling
I jus...
I just wish you were still here with us...
That's all...
Wish you were here...



She smiles at the setting sun
He gets on the train
She shivers and hides deeper in the huge blanket
He sits down next to a bunch of old men
She lights another cigarette
He goes out for a smoke
She takes another hit.
and she's out.


Silence... Take It Away

The silence
It frightens me
It calls out
Always when I am vulnerable
About to fall
It calls
It drags me down to its center
Where I can hear nothing but it screaming
and how it wails

Silence is not a friend of mine
But she is my company

Take her away
Someone please take it away...

She Disappears...

She disappears.
Ye might want to listen to me boy
I know it's a dark and stormy night
and you want just shelter from the storm
But I know thy thoughts
I read thy mind
I know what thy doth chase

Thou may have courage
She may have promised you her heart
though she never did that when I was a young girl
Oh, such a pretty young girl I was
But that is another tale...

Have some ale poor traveler
eh, Though Seeker be a better name for you
So be dead

It doth not matter what your intention
or how pure thy love
She will trick you all
that snow maiden
We are mortals of fire
She fears for her heart
That heart of ice...

Sit ye down
And hear me out well
She will destroy ye
And she knows that
So let her go

She walks on that snow with nothing on her feet
Let her go...
She disappears
Let her go...
She belongs only to the moon
Let her go..

The ice will one day melt
but there is nothing you can do
Let her go...
Let her go...
Let her go...