Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ashley was sitting at her computer, bored. She was chatting with some girl she knew in school and wondering how to get out of the conversation when she heard someone at the door. 7 knocks. That would have to be her room-mate. She opened the door to let in a visibly anxious Zia.

"Hey", said Ashley as Zia zipped in, picked up a pack of cigarettes and started to walk out. She stopped at the door and turned, a silent plea in her big eyes. Ashley blinked, "Umm, you okay?" Zia nodded and grinned "Yeah, yeah... Coming?"

"Where?" said Ashley, though she already knew the answer. Zia rolled her eyes. Ashley looked back at her laptop and the pending conversation. She sighed, "Okay, but only one! I'm hungry!" Picking up a jacket, she followed Zia up to the terrace.

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