Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I lay here, too dead to cry
The pain still so fucking loud
Mesmerizing golden headlights
are the last things we ever saw
I raise my hand to shake you
but you refuse to breathe
It's getting darker and colder
and I just can't seem to see...
I hold your hand and feel it vanish
and I hear them whisper that you're gone
But I know if I refuse to open my eyes
I can somehow surely hang on
They tell me that it's time to let go
They tell me I just need to grieve
But how can I explain to them all
With you, I've ceased to breathe
I can still feel the fire
I can hear the voices ring
"Slow down, Please slow down"
rise slowly in the silent din
I stumble through the darkness
I can hear you call my name
Oh darling, I wish I had listened
I am the only one to blame...

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