Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Would you be the truth
for all the countless lies?
And God said "Let there be light!"
Would you forgive me for all the things
That I am about to say tonight?
(Thank you for your time)

I only wish that it would stop
That I could whisper the magic words
And I could tell it when to start again
I love the cold I hate
And the endless, calming, enveloping rain...
(Come with me but then leave)

And comforting words
that never intended to be taunting
echo and revolve and turn around
Till they convince me that they can fly
and then burn coldly to the ground
(And I refuse to cry.)

Stand in the rain and breathe the cold
If you're a swan, then what am I?
Sing that song so you can cry
Bleed a little so you can drink the guilt
And say my name, so I can die
(Say it again and I'll come back to life?)

A hundred million lifetimes
Each fragmented into a thousand more
Reflecting a tiny piece of the piece
that no bird ever managed to grab
There was never any release
(And I lied because I can't deceive)

And the songs, they continue to play
(He asked for gold, now the children are gone)
Till not even a tear is left to fall
and you can hear the smug whispers
"She's too cold for us all"
(You're the ones who let them go...)

But I am not cold, I want to scream
Except my voice has frozen over
The little mermaid gave up sound
and I am only allowed to watch my heart burn
so very coldly to the ground
(Just when I believed it could fly)

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