Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Queen in School

Speaking of dreams. I should write mine down before I forget.

Okay, the sequence of events is completely jumbled. I shall just write what I remember.

The whole thing was set in near future. I was in NLS, but the building structure was that of school (K). Also, there was some kind of fest going on and the current event was some tennis tournament and a volleyball match.
  • A Queen in a church like huge hall/room. I was sitting on the last bench. There was a guard who worked only two days a week. She was giving me some kind of cryptic advice right before I left for some ball.
  • There was some NLS party like thing where the school canteen now stands. The lights were magenta and I was with Lillin, Anglicized Aurangzeb and someone else (can't remember). There was something important that we had to discuss but were pretending we were just dancing because someone was spying on us.
  • Boxer chick (:P Don't kill me) and Gaadi boy were running around trying to find out where the tennis match was being held.
  • It was Christmas for a little while. Then I think it became Valentine's day. Or the other way around.

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