Sunday, February 8, 2009

Even if...

It's all hooded eyes and taunting laughs
Subtract the cruelty, but keep the cold rain
And we shiver in the darkness
oh, looks like we forgot the lights again
and the sun's long gone

Half forgotten promises
and letters that will remain unsent
Scattered around the past
Living a life that seems to be on rent
and we laugh

Say my name again
and lets close our first two eyes
Blind ourselves to the dark
and all the silly pointless lies
that keep us safe

Like the cold
because it remembers to preserve
Remembers, unlike us, who live to forget
And so, each other we deserve
Hold my hand

It isn't love
And it isn't saying I'll always care
It's just all I can do
You know I'll always be there
Even if...

Even if it is just because there is nowhere else to go...

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