Monday, February 9, 2009

A post

I was just floating by - aimlessly, as usual - when I realized that it's been quite a while since I have actually posted anything that makes sense. Well, tangible sense anyhow. That is, if sense can be tangible in the first place... But that's an entirely different debate.

I just finished some Vanilla ice cream. And by finished, I don't just mean finished eating, I mean finished the box. As in totaled it. Or however, the cool kids say it these days. (Darn it, I feel old.) My brother will kill me tomorrow, but for now, I'll just drink some more of this sickeningly sweet strawberry syrup.

But it is red. And suddenly, I feel a little sick. I think I'm done with red syrups for a while now.

The holidays have been... interesting. In a very boring mundane way. But unfortunately, they haven't been mundane enough to be comfortable. Because, lets face it, why else do people live in any kind of monotony? It's just comfort, security and safety (Yuck, I sound like an advertisement)... and the little annoying bumps in the road have made sure that I don't achieve that stability. So, I'm left feeling like a top that someone didn't crank all the way around. (Is that even how it's said?) I'm not strung enough to spin, nor am I standing still. I'm just wobbling around waiting to crash into one of those dining table legs.


Internship is pretty sucky. Sucky because there's no real work, and the timings are a pain. By the time I get home, I want nothing but lots of water and silence - which of course is impossible. (The latter, not the former... on good days {This story shall someday have it's own post}) Hence I get cranky and irritable. The perfect seasoning.


A month is all that's left. Here is where I start my "But I don't really wanna go back." Well, you know what? Screw it. I DO want to go back. If for nothing else, then for the sake of smoking my cigarettes without constantly looking over my shoulder. And of course, the 24 hour internet. And the weather. And Pecos. And the terrace.

Not to say I don't like it here. I do. I love watching endless episodes of anime and pointlessly listening to music. But it costs. And I've realized I can spend those 'resources' better. Not to mention my internship has effectively killed my holiday.

Stupid lawyers.

Anyhow, tomorrow is another working day. heh. I wonder whatever will happen if I fail to show up. Suddenly I have visions of myself cutting work and careening through the city with a laugh and a half. And then I see myself returning home, and my ship sinks.

Blug blug blug.
I'm sure a ship could sink like that!

Damn it. All this logical typing has made me hungry. Well, not really, but I do need an excuse to eat those chips.
Should I?
Should I not?
Ah, the illusion of choice in a sea of fate.
Such is the cruel nature of this world.

Do thou not love me Princess?

Logical sentences.

It isn't really my fault you know. It's just that I've realized it's so much more fun if you write as you think. Sometimes, you even discover things that you just never knew. Inside your own head!!! Though I am surprised that I am surprised. At the above fact that is, not the said discoveries.

Anyway, I am losing track and I already don't remember what I started this post with. it's time to go. Thin, crisp slices of packaged, deep fried potatoes await.


  1. Yeah, your posts have been extremely difficult to comprehend of late.

  2. @Aldemen,
    Clever Mr. Loon. Very clever.

    *sheepish grin*
    Sorry... these random trips usually don't last this long.

  3. Always a pleasure Ms. Jade!
    I was actually apprehensive that you might not get it :P

  4. vanilla ice-cream, strawberry syrup, potato chips? suddenly the smoking doesn't seem so

  5. @beerandfries

    Ah, I only wish.

  6. @ Aldemen,

    Well, I'm glad I didn't disappoint you.