Wednesday, February 25, 2009


She leans forward
And looks up at them
Black hole eyes that almost stop the noise
She leans back
and I flinch as she yawns
Sure enough,
the hand shoots out
and I close my eyes
She rubs the side of her face
almost puzzled
And then looks up at them again
as they wait with bated breath


and turns to go
Mother begins to cry
and he commands she stop
She turns around again
And waits
Lifelessly bored
Calmly still
Insolently unashamed
And I think I begin to cry

Black eyes meet brown
and I pause
A command, an order
and a smothered plea
I bow my head
and dry my eyes
And stand as straight as her
Another blow
and the world begins to spin
Mother cries again
and father looks on in pain
But she sees no one but me
and I stand straight, like a reflection
Except I can't find the pride
of one that has stolen the crown
from under the king's nose
and laughs all the way down...

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