Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Another Wednesday

It's annoying how the closer a situation is to you, the harder it is to read clearly. Or maybe that's only the arrogance of the distant. Objectivity? That's just a word.

I missed first hour again. I think I could have made it, but I didn't leave. Also, sadly and gladly, I now have a new charger. I was supposed to go for my history consultation today, but considering I haven't read anything, I don't think that's happening.

Yuck, I'm just not in update mode right now.

I have half-an-hour before class and a bunch of things I could do. I should probably practice the chords I learned yesterday before I forget them.

Disjointed and pointless.
And that's Apt.

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  1. Sunday Morning. Not the best song to get you in an update mode. :)