Monday, July 20, 2009

$ - I

The world is goin' crazy
and I'm the one that feels insane
The people inside you and me
were here with the gray men, again.

The walls are now the ceilings
and I can't seem to find the floor
There's a faded rose at my window
A lame skeleton at my door

The ants begin their marching
They've made their way into your hair
I reach out, to try and brush them away
but I don't think I'm really there.

And things just keep getting crazier
It's an even stranger world out there
You come knocking at my door
but I can not begin to care

I melt slowly into the night
Except that it really could be day
And I don't know what time it is
for all I know, it may be May

And well, it's a night of madness
and I think the world may be about to end
We're on the ship to nowhere
And the dead are our only friends.


  1. The ant part is quite ingenious

  2. In that case
    "The people inside you and me
    were here with the gray men, again."

    lol, wild fantasies anyone?

  3. this one i love...nicely done.

  4. Thanks guys.

    And Sir Loon, I told you about the gray men!