Monday, June 22, 2009

Too long

Nothing is really going on. Wedding stuff shall begin in two days. For two days. I suppose I should divide the week up in my head or something. Two days till the wedding. Two days for it. And around three days after that, I shall be on my way back to Bangalore.

Another year is done with. Unless I fail all three subjects and get three carries, I am now in third year. I know a lot of people in Law School who loathe the place. Everyone seems to be *dying* to get out of there and get as far away as possible. Honestly, I don't get it. Maybe it's the venom that is circulated around campus. Gossip and slime oozes from between the closest of friends and lovers. Sigh.

I don't know if I really like Law School, but I know that I love being there. I guess that counts for something. I guess getting horribly sick of projects, exams and classes isn't really likely when you hardly notice them swirling by. (Except the last last days. Fuck, never again! I mean it) This reminds me: the results of only one paper have been released. I need to know how many repeats I have. I must try and get some fly work done these hols. Because I really don't know what the heck has been happening in that class this trimester. She almost always took the first two hours. And the first two hours are for observing the blades of ceiling fans and watching the light change the colors of trees. So, yes, I don't have a clue when it comes to Family Law 2.

This post is almost tedious. I can't write anymore. I've become terribly inarticulate. Words like "Font" and songs like Comptine d'un autre été have begun eluding me. Fuck, elude almost eluded me right now! Woah. Effect.

Anyhow, it saddens me that Second Year is over. It's supposed to be the funnest part of the five years. It has been lots of fun. I won't deny that. But, seriously, it's a scary thought. Isn't college supposed to be the funnest time of your life? And if the funnest time of the funnest time is done with... well, it's just a sad feeling...

2nd year has been a blast. The third trimester has been one pleasantly cloudy month. 1st year was about settling in, exploring and getting to know people. 2nd year has been about calming down, re-prioritizing, long conversations and chilling... Ah! See? You never count the hangovers and unpleasant mornings when reminiscing! But yes, I have had more than my fair share of issues this year... I don't think I have ever been in so much trouble ever before. The problem with this last year lies in the consistent and chaotic nature of everything. And complicated. There wasn't even so much drama in high school!!!

But yes, I should stop rambling. Second year was insane. Like an early morning jam sandwich. Like, when you're in such a hurry that you just slam the jam on one slice of bread and run out the door? If you've ever been in college, this is usually the only breakfast you manage in a week. In fact, it's reached such proportions, that half the college actually wakes up on Sunday mornings just for breakfast. Sunday breakfast is like an event in Law School. After that, most people go back to sleep. That's how breakfast-deprived we are! Anyhow, getting back to the sandwich... When you are trying to take giant bites of hard, toasted bread (usually burned too) and wondering why you bothered in the first place, suddenly you're attacked by a giant mouthful of sweet, cold jelly-like jam. I hate the Marmalade days...

The point is, I could have spread out the "events" and "incidences" from this one year over a decade! It's been an intense, overwhelming, fast ride. And I can't say I've loved every minute... But yeah, one long empty stretch done at a 100 can make an entire trip awesome. And along with the hairpin bends and the crazy roller-coaster loops, there have been many of the straight roads. It hasn't been all smooth sailing. But it's been fun. And in the end, what else is important?

At some point of time, I would have answered that last question with "Memories". But you know what? Memories can't be trusted. We're in the beginning of the Computer age and a crashed RAM or hard disk still implies no hope of retrieval. Perhaps someday, things will be different, and our technologically superior descendants will laugh at their perfect memories of our times. Or maybe we'll all just die in an early ice age within the next ten years. Or in World War III. But that's all besides the point.

Okay, this has been ...scattered. In this one year, everything has changed. In these two years, I've come back from the dead. Almost literally, my roommate would say.

I'll try and write another "Chapter ends" post when I'm a little more ...focussed. But, since I procrastinate and forget as a life-style, it may not happen. In one line: What were once vices are now habits...(FN1) Or will be soon. Good morning decaying world.


FN1 : The Doobie Brothers.


  1. The only colleges that are supposed to be fun are the ones where gulabjamuns are called G Jams!
    Or at least I hope so.

  2. Law school is fun! I hate people who crib for the sake of it too (not looking at you, Loon, you were legit). Wait till real life comes, those whiners won't know what ran over them.

  3. Hehe, I actually loved the place, really. And it was lot of fun!