Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shoot 'em Up

I have just got to describe a few scenes from this movie

1. Hero kills guy in airplane, sky-dives and shoots at and kills over 20 minions. These minions then scatter on a single street across which the hero stumbles, hurt.

2. Hero drives his car into the bad guy van, releasing his seat-belt at the last minute. Upon impact, the guy flies
Step i > through his windshield
Step ii > through the van's windshield
Step iii> over the heads of the four guys sitting in the back

After this, he turns around and shoots them all dead, with a "So much for seat-belt safety." or something.

3. Hero grabs 1 day old baby off the spinning structure in the park with one hand. And I swear you hear a "thunk"

4. Chick is worried that Hero will die. Hero promises to find her. Chick sobs about the uncertainty, and laments, saying there is no way to be sure. Hero twirls gun, puts the trigger ring around her finger and gazes into her eyes. (-_-)

5. Big-shot gun co. owner and evil dealer guy are talking at the gun factory. Hero sets up elaborate system using guns and threads, after which he sets off the alarm. From random parts of the room, he pulls different threads, successfully eliminating every last hench man.

6. Hero is tortured by ex-forensic scientist, finally managing to escape with heavily injured hands. The former can not shoot. Runs out, drops gun, falls next to fireplace. Bad guy comes over and laughs at him.
Bad guy: One last thing. Tell me that I am dead on about who you are?
Hero: Say that again.
Bad Guy: Tell me that I am dead- *interrupted by hero*
Hero: You got that part right. *bang*

I wish I could remember some of the other scenes. The movie was insane. I couldn't stop laughing. It's honestly the funniest movie I've seen in so long. There are so many shoot outs and chase sequences. And so many impossible insane stunts, it's a mindless terrible movie to watch. It isn't really funny, but it sure is a lot of fun!


  1. oh hell...that last dialogue was ridiculous and so awfully standard.

  2. But you don't know how the last bullets were shot. He held them next to the fire and heated them up. That kind of an awesome non-scientific scene makes any dialogue cool.

    I agree, it was a hilarious movie. And it had Bellucci, just in case.

  3. And Saurav means, he sealed up his fingers to his hand using gun powder and the bullets were fired from where the broken finger met the hand. He heated up the gun powder by keeping his hand immersed in flames. :|