Sunday, May 10, 2009


Not everything works. Few things work this well.
A powerful technique, but one that requires aid and nourishment.
Evil monster baby, feed on our nightmares.
So cute.

And after much thinking, debating and a few scares, I've made my decision. Something needs to happen if we are all to continue this existence of ours, and if no one else will do anything about it... well, I will make them. We all have our own roles to play...

And the same song starts up again.
I watch the walls crumble into dust. And I watch them grow again.
It's not right, they're not supposed to grow, but they do so in front of my very own eyes!
Perhaps I only imagine it.

It isn't so much about choosing sides as it is about figuring out which side you already belong on. War isn't about choice you know. Then again, that's all it is about. Fundamental building blocks should be like the primary colors. Uncomplicated.

Tick tock.
I can feel time slither around me before melting away
laughing quietly in the night as I watch it with half closed eyes
You can't poison my veins Mr. Snake
I'm immune

Decisions finalized. Now to put the plan into action. What a pain. And there's no straight way to do this. Oh well, we'll figure it out.

Ssshhh, you're not letting me think!!!

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