Sunday, May 24, 2009


The seasons are changing. Unrequited love is on it's way out and quitting is in. Whether it's cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol or gambling, everyone around seems to be "taking a break". I was just talking to a couple of people I know; one is going to quit smoking weed while the other plans not to drink for the next six months.

After a particularly insane week, the only bit that worries me is that the idea isn't one I even considered. Quit? Why? And more importantly, what? Still, it's getting quite bothersome to keep up with who isn't doing what and what not to do with whom. If you know what I mean...

Oh, for the record, the two people I mentioned? Stoned and drunk respectively. (Emphasis added) Later.


  1. Its not about how much you consume, its about how much of the thing consumes you. Forced abstinence is pointless!

  2. But sometimes it's the only way.