Monday, May 4, 2009

Short (relatively) Rant

If I promise to break all my promises, what can I do? Endless paradoxes, contradictions and co-incidences. That's all life is and all it ought to be. We can all find our way in the dark if we have to, but it's just easier in the light. Not that it matters if you have nowhere in particular to go.

I don't understand it. How can you have one set of friends all your life? How does that work? I would suffocate.

What harm can I do from the outside? Just let me stay and watch, at least until the light turns green.Then I'll drive away and never come back. I'm just building memories. They're all you have when dreams die. Heh. Wasting the present by saving the past for the future. It's like the whole living in the moment philosophy. You live in the moment so you don't look back, don't regret. In a way, you're living in the moment for your future.

I read this somewhere, "The fact that we've never seen a time machine means that either it is never built, or that we live in very boring times..."
So true.
But only on a macro scale.

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