Sunday, March 22, 2009

House of the Rising Sun

See them!
Bearing gifts and flowers
And smiles so wide they should hurt
Dressed in fancy coats and dresses
that trail in inevitable dirt
"You look so very truly lovely dear"
"Why thank you, so do you!"
And then a turn, a glare, a sneer
"I've always hated that shade of blue"
The lights are grand, the palace large
and each is mesmerized
And as they dance their practiced dance,
Every moment frantically memorized
Look how cold their eyes are
as they judge you for your fall
and if that's what grace is supposed to be
You'd swear you were never there at all

Watch them!
Them, on the other side of town
Children of the blackest nights
They make their way through the dark
By walking on silver moonlight
It is no palace of light to which they trudge
but a hill under starry skies
And you see the roads they've left behind
along with remnants of once-binding ties
Their speech is odd, their words often cruel
Yet laughter rings true into the night
No hidden dagger behind any back
and no need of any illusions of light
There is never any dancing
but there's always music in the air
And if you can walk the moonlit path
You're always welcome there.

(Now I know there are middle paths
but honestly, I've hardly seen one
and if I had to choose between them
it would have to be the "house of the rising sun")

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  1. Reminds me of a comic featuring Death. And a ball scene, set in 1448 Venice, which has remained immune from her all this while. And now, she's finally come to claim what is hers.
    Wonder why it reminds me of that.