Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have to make myself some more Tang. But that means trying to use an unsteady, a-bit-too-flexible, small white plastic spoon and that makes the tang powder fall all over the place. Sigh. Still, one must not procrastinate.

I must not order pizza, yes? No... Must not. Pizzas are evil. They shall take over your soul if you just give them a chance!!! Bwahahahaha.
Oh wait.
Why am I laughing?
I'm not a Pizza.
But if I were... I'd still say that.

Anyway, this post shall twist itself around and end soon. Like wire. I liked that wire. It wasn't barbed, but I suppose that was a good thing.

The "party" was so chilled out. The guys can do this every day? I'm so green with envy I could be a stolen emerald embedded in a scepter/crown. Or a tree.

Or a plant!

Why can't Tang make itself? Someone needs to invent that. Self-making tang. Imagine how useful it would be! Wow... It would make everything so much simpler.
"Self Tang. Real tang is not 'made' by anyone. Real Tang makes itself."

I wonder how they came up with the name anyway. 'Tang'. When I think Tang, I think tangerines. That could be where the word came from. Perhaps.
Strangely, if I concentrate on Tang, the next word that comes into my head (after Tangerines, that is) is "Antelope".

I'm still sleepy, but I may have to go to town. I wanted to go for a Pecos breakfast, but I just couldn't stay up and wait for 10:30 am. And now, I'm still sleepy, though the hunger is all gone. Okay. Wasn't there supposed to be some tang here?

I shall go now.


  1. Self Tang, huh? It's called Gatorade, or Limca, or any of the million ready-made drinks in existence.

  2. @Agent Zero,
    I did think of those options, but they are not the same as Tang dude. You need that refreshing "Bringing to life" effect that only Tang has! Especially lemon Tang.

    @Sir Loon,
    What?!!! :|

  3. Try some cocaine. It probably has the "bringing to life" effect that you seek.

  4. @Epic_Lad,
    Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. :|

  5. @ Jade
    Try the new lemon juice green tetra pack at chetta's. I love it, it's damn refreshing.