Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The White Rabbit at Woodstock and Strawberry Fields

Every free moment I have had in the last 48 hours has been spent watching Woodstock '69 videos. 'White Rabbit' has been playing in the background no matter where I go. And now that I have my iPod, it kinda makes it easier to convert life into one continuous loopy music video. Pun intended.

Anyhow, what I realized today, was that though I've been blogging for quite a while, this is different. Completely so. Coz for the first time there are people I have met in the flesh who are reading what I post online. So half of me says I should watch what I write out here... and the other just repeats what it says for every single decision I want to make: "Eh... Doesn't matter". So well, lets just see how long this cautious guarded phase lasts.

Anyway, what I really wanted to write about was Woodstock. Dude... If someone was to come up to me and give me an option of going back to any point in the past on the condition that I die in three days... I would just go back to 69 dude... And my only regret would be not having that fourth day to sit back and, like, replay events in my head!

I remember, this Strawberry Fields, - I think it was the last night - one of the people sitting there looked up at all of us in turn and then said, "Dude... SF is like our very own Woodstock." And through that haze of beautifully lit up smoke, all that the voice in my head had to say was... I could not agree more...


  1. If SF really is "our" Woodstock then you'd better make sure Woodstock '99 isn't repeated in the football field in the near future.

  2. Hehe, but yeah...it does feel like Woodstock, at least it did this time

  3. you'll be flying next year too...and the year after that and then some more :)

    ah..we little people with our little gig

  4. @ Akash

    @ Aldemen
    I know...

    @ beerandfries