Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She Disappears...

She disappears.
Ye might want to listen to me boy
I know it's a dark and stormy night
and you want just shelter from the storm
But I know thy thoughts
I read thy mind
I know what thy doth chase

Thou may have courage
She may have promised you her heart
though she never did that when I was a young girl
Oh, such a pretty young girl I was
But that is another tale...

Have some ale poor traveler
eh, Though Seeker be a better name for you
So be dead

It doth not matter what your intention
or how pure thy love
She will trick you all
that snow maiden
We are mortals of fire
She fears for her heart
That heart of ice...

Sit ye down
And hear me out well
She will destroy ye
And she knows that
So let her go

She walks on that snow with nothing on her feet
Let her go...
She disappears
Let her go...
She belongs only to the moon
Let her go..

The ice will one day melt
but there is nothing you can do
Let her go...
Let her go...
Let her go...

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