Saturday, July 9, 2011


Even though. Albeit.
But still. Nevertheless.

Always. Forever. Never. Eternity.

Sharp. Trouble. Chaos. Silence.

Over & Over.

Thin and Razor-sharp. Old & faded. New. Crisscrossed.

Ashes and Dust.
Always & forever & never & for all eternity.
(though, I imagine they're all the same)

Ungrateful child. Wretched child. Vicious, Stray, Lost child.

But, everyone deserves a lullaby.
And God doesn't forsake any of his children.

Except, the words are gone.
Cut & strewn & scattered in the wind
(like the letters you never sent)

And the frozen moments knock the wind out of me,
I think they must be memories.
Except I keep forgetting what I should remember
while other thoughts come unbidden

Wicked girl. Cruel girl. Sharp, Angry, Crumbling girl.

Always on Fire.

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