Friday, December 25, 2009

Touches of Gray

Shades of gray are all that count in the end. Because Heaven and Hell is all about Black and White. I like Gray. Colors are cunning little creatures. They're after your soul. And debt is easy. The older you get, the more pointless dreams become. They're also more valuable. But what's the use of riches you can't sell? You try everything, but in the end there's only one carved out road your poor knees can take. Bleeding feet don't go well with twisted forests, but that's what you get for wandering off in the first place. This world isn't kind to strays and there isn't anything any body can do to change that.

The things that don't make sense are the ones that often make all the difference in your life.
And hating them doesn't make them go away.
Go ahead.
Close your eyes.
You know I'm right.

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  1. yeah, you're right. Kind of reminds me of 'wolfs rain'.
    anyway i admire the way you write.. the way you're able to express what you're thinking so clearly. i would be really happy if i could do that -__-

  2. I like being a stray actually. Or maybe its just that No matter how much i try i just cant be anything else..

  3. Arigatou Goozaimasu for your kind words, friend.

    Stay strong.

    You can change something.
    You can change anything.
    You can change everything.


    Keep looking. All the answers are out there.
    The Truth will find you.